In his novel, 1984, George Orwell speaks of a society that teaches its citizens to turn against one another by engaging daily in “two minutes of hate.” One look at the news of the day makes such an outrageous concept suddenly seem much too possible… far too real in today’s world. Therefore, I am proposing Five minutes of Love as my antidote to two minutes of hate.
Spirit chin in hands

Welcome to my Monday through Friday Daily Messages. My intent is to reframe the daily issues of life (relationships, parenting, paying  the rent, making love, having fun) in the light of Love. I stay far away from a theoretical, dogmatic, judgmental set of rules about how to live your life… But I have great and tender passion for sharing ideas about why we humans act the way we do and how we might upgrade our understanding and thus our actions to a new level that encourages more joy, connection and meaning ` and perhaps even inner peace… as Kung Fu Panda would say.

So, no matter how many times you have broken your vows. No matter how many times you have hurt the people you love – and therefore hurt yourself – come with me to a new place of unconditional love where we consciously create a life that truly nourishes you and your beloveds.

These messages are free – although a donation really, really helps to keep the energy (yours and ours) flowing at every level. Your contributions go to truly great causes (see the What page under About to know about our projects)… so know that you could really make a difference. That said, my deepest request is that you consider committing to at least FIVE MINUTES OF LOVE every day in your own life.