Prepare thyself

Screen Shot Korpi Waterfall

Your tax deductible contributions make such a monumental difference… both by funding our CELEBRATIONS OF LOVE PROJECT which supports adults who experienced childhood abuse  and are now trying to navigate the world with dignity, success, and fulfillment… and by keeping the RADIANCE CENTER afloat so that we can continue to offer our FIVE MINUTES OF LOVE… FIVE MINUTES OF HOPE AUDIO PROJECT.  We are so very grateful.  Mahalo nui loa. (Thank you from the depths of our souls.) You make it possible for us to spend our days loving the world.

Whenever you feel moved to share your resources, please consider the teachings of Chogyam Trungpa on Environmental Generosity. He reminds us that it is a true blessing when the exchange is so mutual that no one can tell who is the Giver and who is the Receiver. In other words, we are each blessed by being a blessing.

When we were raising our children, there was a sign on our front door that read “Prepare thyself to be part of a miracle.” Now we invite you to be part of this on-going, joyous, passionate, life-changing miracle.  It is great fun – as well as a profound honor – to live our lives being part of miracles… miracles that wanted to happen but just needed someone to host them.

The Radiance Center is a nonprofit 501C3 organization with no paid staff. It’s just us… trusting life… hosting miracles. My husband and I have lived solely by the blessings of Source for over thirty-five years, and our needs are always met. We are in awe.