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Sweet Hearts,

Knowing that the only answer to any question is Love, here are my responses to your most frequently asked questions about the Spirit of Unconditional Love.

HONOR SYSTEM? MONEY? Almost everything on this website is provided for free with only the invitation to give a donation IF it feels right to you. At the same time, I believe that Reciprocity always empowers everyone involved. It would be so good for you to acknowledge your own (perhaps dormant) prosperity – and so good for the projects of the Radiance Center – to express an equal exchange of energy.

Therefore… I invite you to be on the HONOR SYSTEM… Please read the site, listen to these recordings… and IF you are nourished or inspired… or if this helps you live your life with more consciousness and joy, please do donate whenever and whatever amount lights you up. (It’s easy to send a gift through PayPal… or you can just send a check to our address).

We have no paid staff… just us getting up every morning and loving the world all over again… Your gifts are both the proof that our loving the world is making a difference… And they are the means by which we keep all these wonderful projects going.

Ps… The only charges on the entire site is for the Discussion Groups and Classes… and even those can be negotiated if needed. We came to this decision about charging reluctantly but because the work of keeping these going is so extremely time consuming.


PHYSICAL LOCATION? Many of you are asking whether there is a physical location… a Radiance Center where you can come for classes. Because I am learning to love and listen to the needs of my physical body as well as the desires of my spirit, I am only teaching online classes/discussions at this point. Creating and responding to all three projects of the Radiance Center (FIVE MINUTES OF LOVE, SPIRIT OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and CELEBRATIONS OF LOVE) is so much more than a full-time job. I do promise to keep you updated through the newsletter when I am traveling to teach or when I am offering gatherings here.


RELIGIOUS? The short answer is a loving “No.”
SPIRITUAL? The short answer is “Yes, very.”

When I was ten years old, we were on our way to church one Sunday morning when I asked my step-father, “Dad, what happens to the little kids in Africa who might never have heard about Jesus?” His reply was “I guess they will just have to go to Hell.”

Right then I knew that my religion was Love. I just couldn’t make myself believe in a God of punishment. This was not some intellectual “aha.” It was simply the truth of my being… of my heart… of my cells.

At the Radiance Center, we express Love in so many ways. Our gatherings often include people representing many religions… or none. What brings us together is our intention to love.


SO MANY WORDS? Most websites are created with very little text. I, on the other hand, have chosen to honor you with deep explanations for every thing I offer. I want you to know not only the what, but the why and even the how. I do this not only because you deserve to have as much information as possible about my philosophy before you partake of my teachings… but also because I hope that you might feel validation for the processes that you go through in living your own lives with more coherence and equanimity.