Spirit.difglw webDISCUSSION GROUPS AND CLASSES… For those of you who are longing to take Love deeper into various areas of your lives, consider subscribing to one or more of these discussion groups and/or classes. PLEASE NOTE: THE DISCUSSION GROUPS ARE INACTIVE WHILE WE CONSIDER OTHER FORMATS

Great classes will be coming in the future. I’m already working on  those… But for now, our two discussion groups are designed to meet many needs at once… These are closed groups with admittance only by monthly (or longer) subscription. By forming a community of like-minded and like-hearted souls, I intend to provide a safe, creative, expansive forum for the exchange of spirited ideas as well as tender and honest support for one another.

Rather than attempt (and fail) to answer hundreds of email and phone questions each day – most of them asking various versions of the same question – I realized that we divine humans are all facing the same issues.Therefore, I am honored and excited to moderate these discussion groups in order to provide an environment where you can have access not only to the wisdom that flows through me, but also to one another’s wisdom, humor, honesty and love.


SPIRIT GUIDES… For many years I’ve wished for a “Dear Abby” type column that is based on a higher, more integrated perspective of unconditional love rather than judgment or criticism.  I’ve longed for a group of people who have the safety to ask their deepest questions and a community who responds with love and creativity as well as honesty, understanding and passion.

Just add your questions to the conversation, and  I’ll address as many of them as I possibly can… knowing that any question represents the questions of the many. And, it won’t be just me responding. We will all use these questions to explore together the sheer beauty (and sometimes the terror), the exquisite simplicity and complexity of living conscious, joyous lives.

Monthly subscription cost is $33.  This charge will reoccur every month until you choose to cancel.


Click here to register or login to the SPIRIT GUIDES discussion group.

HOW TO LIVE SANELY (AND JOYOUSLY) IN AN INSANE WORLD… This  discussion group is my response to the many requests that I receive to help  people live with the intensity of a world out of balance… out of truth. I have little interest in extreme responses… “We’re all going to die” or  ”The spaceships will pick up those of us who have no anger.”

Instead what I’m looking for is a group of evolved souls who desire to support one another in living lives that face the truth – whatever that might be – while remaining in love and in joy even in the midst of our fear or concern.

Let our discussion bring forth solutions based on the intelligence of our minds and our hearts… and may we form a community of sharing, trust, vulnerability and action.

Monthly subscription cost is $33.  This charge will reoccur every month until you choose to cancel.


Click here to register or login to the HOW TO LIVE SANELY (AND JOYOUSLY) IN AN INSANE WORLD discussion group.