Howard Thurman
heart hands reversed webThe Radiance Center (officially The Radiance Healing Institute) is a 501C3 non profit center devoted to supporting people to live lives of joy and meaning, purpose and passion. In addition to our audio recordings, this is accomplished in many ways at different times. We offer both personal and online classes, private sessions, workshops, mediation, a listening ear and/or a sturdy shoulder… or simply a meal shared in gratitude.

We also sustain the following on-going projects:

FIVE MINUTES OF LOVE – FIVE MINUTES OF HOPE is our audio recording project which provides (almost) daily recordings designed to help people remember their own truth, power, innate joy, and love. It is our intention to teach the social skills to make this possible. Recently, our recording project has expanded to also make available teachings and meditations. All of these are available for free or donation.

CELEBRATIONS OF LOVE is a program designed to support adults who experienced abuse or mental or physical illness as children and are now learning to navigate in the world with a sense of dignity, success and fulfillment. Our support is, of course, at every level… spiritual, mental and emotional guidance is offered along with financial donations for many purposes such as groceries…  rent… tuition for educational training. Beyond the expenses for running the Radiance Center and its projects, all financial gifts go to this endeavor.

This work is what makes me come alive. May you find the same purpose and passion in your life.