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Daisy's hand in Nutmeg's webSo many of you ask me why I would bother to put so much time and energy into giving you this website. All I can say is that it would be much harder – if not impossible – to stop doing this. Allow me to explain myself…

In a world so quick to be suspicious and judgmental… and so slow to trust our own instincts to open our hearts to one another, I pray that this website will remind you that there truly is a different way to live. Our culture views trust and love as immature and perceives competition and worry as signs of a mature adult. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Those of us who instinctively remember that we are happier, safer, more creative, and more productive when we are honoring and loving one another, often feel alone and lonely – as if we have landed on a very strange and unfriendly planet whose rules make no sense to us. It is my intent that my offerings give daily support to all of you dear ones. May these words, recordings and classes… may this Love that flows through me… lead you back to your own deep knowing that LOVE IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER.

I have spent most of my life teaching… And I truly do cherish that interaction. But recently I find that I am even more “lit up” by the idea of providing a constant flow of reminders of just how powerful each of you are and how outrageously amazing your lives can be.  It is my hope that these messages encourage you to live as your divinely human self.

At the same time, I have no interest in being another “spiritual teacher” who espouses such a degree of “perfection” that most people end up feeling inadequate (or worse) because they have no idea how to live consistently at that vibration. I’m much more excited about inviting you to a level where you are so conscious that you are able to notice when you are in the rut of repeating your habitual stories that limit you. I want to give you tools that help you return to your joy, your aliveness, your creativity and your peace.

For me, the concept of enlightenment as a permanent state is outmoded. We are divine humans… and I stress the human aspect. Our goal is not to float above it all… rather we want to bring this profound and sacred wholeness down into the details of our lives. May The SPIRIT OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE help you to remember that you are made of Source and therefore, all things are possible by aligning with that Source.

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